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You heard right! The quartz inserts for the Puffco Peak have finally arrived. Start getting cleaner tasting hits out of this thick quartz insert. Take a look below at how nicely it fits. The Flat Top Banger by AFM is our favorite quartz nail, the flat design allows for a nicely sealed cap that will not slide off. This combines the e This is definitely the This is the perfect quartz banger and carb cap combo for many reasons. First, the banger is 4mm thick meaning it will retain heat for much longer t This beautifully ridged carb cap will direct air exactly where you want it.

By entering this website, you certify that you are of legal smoking age in the state in which you reside. Check out our Loyalty Program! View cart. Puffco Peak Quartz Insert.

puffco peak sapphire insert

View full details. Quartz Banger and Carb Cap Combo. You recently viewed Clear recently viewed. You must be at least 21 years of age to view or purchase from this site. All products on this site are for tobacco use only. Added to your cart:. The products on this website are intended for adults only.The bottom lip creates a pocket of air underneath the insert.

This air pocket regulates heat transfer, preventing your oil from heating up too fast or getting too hot.

puffco peak sapphire insert

Unlike regular cold starts cooling down as soon as you stop torching it, our cold start insert maintains temperature as the heat slowly transfers from the banger to the insert. We recommend using a v4 Banger with heat up times of seconds depending on amount of oil. Close menu. Home Quartz Bangers.

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Splash Guard Inserts. Cold Start Inserts. Opaque Flat Bottom Inserts. Opaque Round Bottom Inserts. Puffco Peak. Puffco Peak Clear Inserts. Puffco Peak Opaque Bottom Inserts.Discussion in ' Portable Vaporizers ' started by duffJan 9, Log in or Sign up. FC Vaporizer Review Forum.

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What does SSTB mean? See our glossary of acronyms. Messages: 4, Considering my concentrates usage the Peak is a unit I would like to get in my arsenal although I will be not able to afford it PPNFeb 9, Messages: I'm quite sweet on the Pufffco Peak even tho i have a dedicated rig, having something small yet powerful for wireless dab hits is well worth a look. Much better than a dabbie, like a dabbie 3. Messages: 7, When will these ship out!?

Puffco Peak Ruby Insert

If you preordered early they ship this month. I'm pretty excited for this it will replace my top heavy and underpowered Dr dabber boost. I haven't been dabbing much from my enail lately because it's setup in my office and I've been hangin out in the living room. So hopefully this will get me back in my dab game! Messages: Location: Boulder, Colorado.

Ordered and on the way and I have a gram of Durban Poison live resin to test it with! Messages: 1, Location: West Coast. Got mine earlier in the week but haven't been able to spend much time with it. My initial impression using the way they recommend add dab to bowl and let it heat up was not a good one.

I could not get much vapor on the default 2nd setting and had a hard time vaporizing everything in the bowl.

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The next setting up had plenty of vapor but killed off all the terps on the heat up. No problems vaporizing everything in the bowl on the 3rd setting but too hot for me. Yesterday I tried again adding the dab after the bowl heated up and the results were much better. Better clouds on 2nd setting and better flavor on 3rd setting. Still need to do more testing with different load sizes but I definitely see potential here.

Bottom line. I still need to spend more time with my Peak before drawing any serious conclusions.

Sapphire and Ruby inserts for bangers

I like to dab under degrees and like a lot of vapor and am not sure if this will get me there. It definitely has plenty of battery power and excels at hotter dabs, although I don't think I will ever try the highest setting. If only they had another setting between 2 and 3, I think I could get it dialed in nicely BTW, for those wondering I only tested with hash rosin. AdobewanGreenHopperslcbdco and 5 others like this. Definitely interested to see how people like these after some heavy use.

Puffco Peak Quartz Inserts, Caps & Beads

SMODomiteFeb 23, The Puffco Peak is still the most popular electronic dab rig on the market. Its worldwide success has led to an array of aftermarket accessories and upgrades — like these new Puffco Peak inserts from Cream City Vapes! Cream City Vapes sent me their selection of Puffco Peak inserts to test and compare. CCV also sent over a badass Vision Peak to test the new inserts with.

It heats up faster and more thoroughly than the quartz, while tasting every bit as pure and clean. I expected to hate the titanium insert option in the Peak. My Puffco Peak produced the biggest clouds with the Titanium upgrade. If you prefer big clouds over purest flavor, choose the titanium.

Higher end quartz inserts will hug the atomizer much tighter and heat up much faster. The budget inserts may not sit perfectly on the heating element and often work better with hot-start dabs instead of cold-start dabs.

Cream City is also offering an alternative replacement glass bubbler in several colors. If you care more about taste than the SIC or Quartz will deliver the best flavor. I really dont see how you could live off this much traffic without taking checks from manufacturers for reviews.

I guess the cheviot is that you dont review stuff you dont like so you could take checks if you like it and decline if you dont. I am sure some bootleg chinese vape company has offered you a decent check lol!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thanks, Troy. You are my go-to vape expert!

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What dab tools are you using and where do you purchase those?Close search. Make your Puffco Peak better than ever! Customer Favorites. Peak Rebuild Kit - 5x Upgraded heaters, rebuild jig and 2 reusable grommets. Regular price Sold out. Puffco Peak Titanium Insert. Puffco Peak Ruby Insert. Peak Atomizer heater 10 pack refills! Puffco Peak Bubble cap and Flexible-Hinge. Puffco Peak Bases. View all. Pick your favorite Color, or several! Customize your accessories to match your favorite attachment or mood!

Buy now. Quartz Inserts Changing inserts will completely change your Peak experience. Try different inserts to find that sweet spot for you. Rebuild Tools Great deals on quality tools to rebuild your atomizers or any other task! Buy Now. Hand Blown Glass! Anything from Adapters, Whips, and bubblers, to amazing Hydratubes and the finest dab rigs. Bases and adapters for your Peak, Carta, or Switch! Get anything your mind can dream up, from sacred geometry to kitten bases Check them out.

Peak, Carta, and Switch bases not only stabilize your rig, protecting your glass. But they can make your piece look amazing!Our puffco peak inserts are made from the same quartz as our bangers are made from, meaning it is very high quality.

puffco peak sapphire insert

These inserts have a thin wall to allow heat to transfer easily. You can always turn the heat up higher, but we recommend not to. Use this popup to embed a mailing list sign up form.

Review part 1 of the XTrees Limited sapphire banger insert.

Offer incentives to customers to join and build your mailing list. Your Cart Continue Shopping. Updated Shipping Information - Click Here. Default Title - Sold Out. Add to Cart. Click here to be notified by email when 2 pack - Puffco Peak Quartz Insert becomes available. Marc B. While not my preference, the glass inserts for the Peak heat well, but don't taste enjoyable for me.

Normally I don't prefer ceramic over quartz, but the default is the preferred version. Love the experience I get when using the quarts banger bucket instead of the ceramic. Very fast very nice clean packaging and will deffinetly be back after I chazzed theses bangers. Both quartz inserts would not work in the puffco peak lightning lucid. They heated up just fine but no smoke would go into the rig. Alternated between the puffco ceramic one to make sure I was doing it correctly and the problem still occurred.

Love the quartz banger for my puffcoRips so much better and gets super milky just how I like it! These peak inserts are a nice alternative to those super expensive ones out there. I gave them a 4 stars however because I feel like they are too thin, I use the lowest heat setting and the oil just burns fast, for the price though cant complain. This thin dish lets me smoke bigger dabs on the lower temp setting which saves my battery! Popup Use this popup to embed a mailing list sign up form.

Thanks for Joining! Helena St.Upgrade your Puffco Peak with a Puffcup quartz nail insert. This quartz insert fits snuggly in your original Peak Atomizer housing and replaces the original ceramic nail that comes with your Peak Enail. Puffcups fit a wide range of quartz bangers too!

Upgrading from ceramic to quartz adds to the flavor of your dab and the overall heat retention of your PuffCo Peak Smart Rig vaporizer. To use with your Puffco Peak: easily remove the outter rubber ring of the Atomizer then remove the ceramic insert and replace with your Puffcup. Type: Dabbing. Great website. The insert is better than ceramic, but a tad toooo thin. The Joel Halen insert is thicker and better, just my opinion. Always get the best quality glass and accessories from Aqua Lab, and the sezzle option is nice.

This piece is fantastic and works great and lasts long. Super easy to clean and a must have if you own a puffco peak! Best Seller. Add to Cart. Wait approx.

Place insert into hot banger with cap on top. Adjust timing as necessary. Heat up the banger with the insert inside. When hot, remove heat and place the cap on top. Customer Reviews. Customer Photos. Reviews Questions.

puffco peak sapphire insert

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